We recommend washing wooden products by hand, using warm water and a sponge, then wipe it with a towel and leave to dry vertically. If you treat the product with linseed oil (it will tell you by its appearance when the time has come) periodically, it will last you much longer.

We do not recommend using a dishwasher for washing wooden products and drying them near heating appliances.


We recommend to crop the wood wick before each candle lighting - so the flame will be even and there will be no black smoke. During the burning melt wax around the wick to the very edges of the glass to avoid the formation of holes. After using the candle, cover it with a lid.

We do not recommend burning candles for more than two hours in a row, so that the fragrance oils do not overheat. Also we do not recommend leaving candles in direct sunlight.

We remind you: it can be dangerous to leave candles unattended! Especially in rooms with children and animals.


We recommend washing linen products in a washer (daily wash mode, 400-600 rpm) or manually, drying in a dryer or any other usual way, ironing with a hot iron with steam - flax loves steam very much!

Straighten the linen products before loading them into the washer to avoid creases.

When choosing the temperature of the washing water, one should start from the degree of contamination of the product. 40 degrees is enough if you need to refresh your textile. Increase temperature up to boiling to wash off stains — our flax is sanforized so you don't have to worry that it may shink.

Better use a liquid detergent (very minimum amount of it) for washing, so that the excess does not clog into the fibers of the fabric and does not make it tougher.

We do not recommend ironing waffle linen which contains cotton - an iron will spoil its characteristic relief texture.


We recommend hand washing in a warm (t° no higher than 30°) soap solution for soft jute napkins. Then let it dry in a straightened form. Finally the napkins can be ironed with a warm iron to return their original shape.

Dry cleaning is good for thick jute baskets: you can use both a brush or a vacuum cleaner; more persistent dirt can be removed with a sponge and soap solution.

We recommend drying any wet jute product naturally on a flat surface to avoid deformation.


We recommend washing ceramic dishes by hand or in the dishwasher. It can be put in a refrigerator (t ° >0) and a microwave oven, it withstands boiling water.

We do not recommend putting ceramic products to a preheated oven or refrigerator freezer (t°<0).

Wipe all the interior ceramics with a dry or wet cloth regularly.


We recommend washing porcelain products in any convenient way - manually or in the dishwasher. You can use any detergent and a regular sponge for it.

Porcelain tableware feels good in a microwave oven.

Keep the porcelain you do not use regularly wrapped with a soft cloth or paper.

We do not recommend putting porcelain dishes in a preheated oven.


We recommend cleaning up small dirt with a vacuum cleaner or a dry brush. Water, a soft brush and any detergent for hand washing will help to bite the complex dirt on cotton cord products. Blot excess moisture with a dry cloth after the cleaning and let the product dry on a horizontal surface at room temperature. Then iron it if needed.

We do not recommend washing cotton cord products in the washing machine, using bleach, wringing them out and drying near heating devices.


We recommend washing glass products by hand with a soft sponge or in the dishwasher with any detergent you usually use.

We do not recommend using hard brushes and abrasives for washing dishes (they can leave noticeable scratches on smooth surface of the glass), allow sudden temperature changes (for example, put a plate that has spent some time in the refrigerator under boiling water immediately) and put glass dishes in a preheated oven (it is not heat-resistant).

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